The Reason Why K-Pop Infected World

The Reason Why K-Pop Infected World

unduhanDo you ever hear about K-Pop? Probably, you know about it but feel curious about K-Pop. Actually, K-Pop is one of entertainment industry especially music. The music is coming from South Korea. K-Pop industry firstly emerged in 1990 and it is developed until now.

The genre of K-Pop music is various and it is also influenced by American popular music. Because of that, you can also hear pop, R&B, rap, and even techno genres. The strongest characteristic of K-Pop music is their performance. Most of K-Pop artists are in group. Moreover, they tend to wear something unique and weird sometimes. They also combine song along with dance to make it perfect and attracting. Because of their fresh, unique and awesome style, some of K-Pop boy bands and girl bands are achieved their Asian success.

Even, one of the bands such as Super Junior received their international success. This is also the reason why K-Pop becomes a new worldwide phenomenon. Most people want to wear something related to their favorite K-Pop band and you will see Korean style in your country. It seems that Korean Pop not only give their audience a good looking and young entertainers but also talented entertainers especially in singing and dancing.

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