Most Famous and Successful Korean Entertainment Labels

Most Famous and Successful Korean Entertainment Labels

Despite of the successfulness of Korean girl bands and boy bands, there is a hard work from their label. In this case, there are severalKorean entertainment labels which considered as the most popular entertainment label. These labels have been successfully produced successful boy and girl bands. The first popular Korean entertainment label is S.M Entertainment. Just imagine that this entertainment label produced Korean boy bands such as Super Junior which achieve their international success. They also successfully produced several Korean bands such as Girls’ Generation and SHINee.

YG Entertainment label is also considered as a popular label in Korea. Big Bang is one of their talents and Korean boy band successfully attract people around the world. The characteristic of this label is on their unique and attracting fashion. It is a common thing because YG entertainment has fashion line as one of their business.

JYP Entertainment Label is known as popular Korean entertainment label. They have been produced several popular talents and some of them are achieved worldwide popularity. Those are including Rain, Park Jin Yoon, and GOD. Wonder Girl as one of their Korean girl bands released in 2009 and the result is fantastic in which they received international attention. It will be a good example for you who want to start an entertainment label business.

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