Common Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1

Common Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1

It is better to treat your disease earlier and this is including if you are suffered from diabetes. The best way to do is learning about the common symptoms of diabetes. There are several symptoms which can be identified as the symptoms of diabetes type 1.


For example, you have to worry if you are suffered from weight loss without any specific reason. Moreover, you will also suffered from nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Don’t underestimate if you have a problem with your breathing or you are suffered from breathing difficulty because it can be the sign that you are suffered from diabetes type 1. There is also a common symptom in which you will have high frequent of urination.

Actually, this is the sign that your body contains of too much glucose or sugar. At the same time, you also feel thirsty than before. Definitely, it is because your body needs to replace the lost liquid after frequent urination.  It is better for you to go to the doctor if you feel those symptoms. This is because it doesn’t mean that you are suffered from diabetes although you are suffered from those symptoms. Of course, you have to control your eating habit as well as doing exercise regularly.

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