Three Types of Diabetes You Should Notice

Three Types of Diabetes You Should Notice

One of diseases which you need to worry is diabetes. In fact, diabetes is difficult to handle especially if you don’t treat it well. It is also depending on the type of diabetes. For your information, there are three types of diabetes.c18d49e3-f2a8-4b57-84e1-5b64b10e665f

Diabetes type 1 is started when your body can’t produce insulin. The way to treat this diabetes is by taking insulin injection. If you don’t treat it well, you will be suffered from diabetes type 2. In this case, your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to support your metabolism. The way to treat this type of diabetes is by taking diet plan, doing exercise, and monitoring the blood sugar level.

There is also diabetes known as gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes is mostly suffered by pregnant women. In this case, body produce high level of blood sugar but at the same time body can’t produce enough insulin. To reduce the impact or treat gestational diabetes is by doing healthy diet and exercise. From this information it can be said that before suffering for diabetes, it is better for you to start healthy lifestyle except if it is caused by genetic. Those are including eating healthy foods, doing exercise, avoiding stress, and many more.

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